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collapse of the eurozone will detrimentally affect economic factors here in the united states. i did not want to be here to watch it fall, but all my dishwashing work, the desire to be left alone, it appeared to have kept me here, never having the amount it would take to start over elsewhere, but to be stuck here, watching shit hit fans, worrying about what i have and inflation.... filled with a sick fascination as to exactly how it will come apart, how they will show their chutzpah and hypocrisy... how the rest will accept it, how those who do not will be painted publicly as extremists, how the crackdowns will occur, how the media will show none of it, how alternative news sources will be shut down as a small part of operations touting cybersecurity concerns...

it's just plain disheartening.


the iranian spy ring scandal (and i will call such ineptitude a scandal), the beirut pizza hut... codeword pizza. wtf. really?

cuz assets there are a dime a dozen, right? given our increased involvement in the region, i would say not.


an intentional betrayal, coming from up top, essentially selling these assets up the river, to feign incompetence, and act as a distraction from other operations (properly managed)?

underestimating our enemy and paying for it. with mossad around, we should have anticipated that their intelligence forces were quite competent.

in the former scenario, i may give them too much credit. in the latter, i am afraid for the overall effectiveness of our ventures, with an incompetent intelligence apparatus.


i have been lax in seeking additional part time hours. this must be remedied. i have become lazy, sitting around playing games, and reading useless information.

why think about it? i need to get out. money is the key.

i need to get out. women cost too much money here. money i need to get out.

so i can screw my head off, with cheap whores, and do cheap coke, and think to myself, i don't have to watch that anymore... it's there, and i am here.

dead simple, and sad in that bleak way, like the bones of a carcass bleached in the desert sun...


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