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Diary of a Madman

hax hax

Zikk Maabus Invictus
16 October
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Zikk Zikkola Zikkenson says:
Live, live, lie, vile, live? All that is fun but is this not fun? Why can we not and so we can define fun. I eat fun. I made a mistake! Im hungry! wheeeeeee :-D F*U*N .... There. It is all! SEE fickle spirits within orgies of thought and vision! My capillaries burst with your pretty conscience. Lifeless images twisting in my flesh. Who likes meat but me? Birthing of this fetal suspension. Look upon the pretty sin. :-D

Lokus Luven Lieszor says:
I will for it is my way and my destiny to will and rise up within me and all the silence will be vindicated..... Searching for silence.....finding only myself.....i can only be alive...i feel the wounds to heal, the burning, this experience, i become kinetic flesh and furious dreams...
.....question, question, never ending cycler of immaculate parts...the engine of creation....

Vlendiaz Vonoro Vieskal says:
Shades come into view and I can hardly deny... what was willed to me... the descending vile of Immanence... there is no fear...to go any further... inside... try as i will... empty the cauldron inside ... lowering the soul... five planes hold me at bay... and at its end i am whole... I am. I know. I will. I live.

Aron Ailuss Atriol says:
Beyond.....what lay beyond?.....could that be here and this be there....and all of it falls before me.....chanting names long dead.....and praying to gods long forgotten.....Stepping through i find myself.... dreaming of azure fire, and gateways to unlock... a slight distance from the imaginary edge.... casacading into the darkness.....awash in the light...... i was always here....

Sericus Sovid Sorinus says:
Closing around the lights it is revealed to me......the long ardous process of my creation....the illusions and lies involved in my becoming... REAL. this shell of frozen souls holds firm around me, i am the eye of the storm...
There is much to be done.....for i have acquired my new focus.....and within me....within my will....a reflection of power....i will not be denied....My being is still....my will is evident....my strength is one...this cannot be a lie...

Marezus Myristis Malorum says:
Know me. I am possession itself, the claws in your mind, the call of your destiny, the betrayer of life. This side of the fated coin, the cosmic chances impress upon us the inner essence of shade. The Shadow Behind the Structure. I hear your thoughts. I am Shade. Stand with me, inside me, and as one with me and you will ENDURE.

Together we say the Chorus:
Where could I be when everything is melting and I can say it is so but it could never be. Why is everything this way? So much it is much too much but there is a dark side as well. Through the rain of steel, the fireshine blinds my eyes. Everything is dead here. Rumbling machines waiting to be understood, a myriad of possibilities and nuances to be explored. Perhaps I could find laid before me the essence of creation. I traverse the lava and smile. Nothing is left.

And I say: